Kathleen Nisbet is a fiddle player and singer from Vancouver, BC Canada. Classically trained at the Vancouver Academy of Music, She returned to her Métis roots, pursuing more traditional fiddle music. Since then she has worked with artists in a variety of genres. A collaborator and regular accompanist with V'ni Dansi, Métis traditional dance, she has also composed music for independant modern dance. Theatre credits include A Christmas Carol with Pacific Theatre and Salmon Row with Mortal Coil. Kathleen is an active member of Vancouver's thriving bluegrass and folk scene, performing and touring regularly with her band Viper Central. She has also recently toured and performed with Petunia & The Vipers, Carolyn Mark, Rich Hope and His Blue Rich Rangers, CR Avery and The Fugitives, and has made guest appearances with Fred Eaglesmith, Art Bergmann, The Belle Game, and The Vicious Cycles to name a few. She works regularly as a studio musician and has numerous recording credits. She has taught at Saint James Music Academy for the past several years where downtown eastside kids are provided free music lessons.

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